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For any type or brand of garage door, it's important that all the parts function properly so that there is no unexpected breakdown that causes harm to lives or property. Every home owner should have a fair idea on how a garage door functions and it will be a good idea for business owners to learn the same. Not many understand the importance of a garage door track, and the various types of tracks available in the market today and how to maintain them well. In this blog post we will discuss all about garage door tracks, so that home and business owners understand the functioning well and know what to do in case of repairs or breakdown.

What is a Garage Door Track?

Basically a garage door track facilitates the movement of the rollers that help in opening or closing the garage door. So if there is any obstruction in the track and it is damaged then it directly affects the functioning of the rollers. At times the roller can even stop moving completely that may leave the door neither fully open nor closed. All tracks are built in such a way that they are resistant to rust and corrosion, plus they are galvanized too. Tracks are chosen based on the type of garage door you own. Commercial tracks are much thicker than their residential counterparts as the doors are really big in size and heavy as well. If the track is bent or broken then it is best to get it replaced with the help of a trained technician.

Garage Door Track Problems

If you suspect a problem with the track, then it might be worth checking the other related parts of the garage door. Usually the functioning of other parts or lack of it can cause problems to the tracks. The most common cause is the lack of roller maintenance that directly affects its movement along the tracks. When rollers are in constant use, they will wear out and even the track is affected. Any accident within the garage can also cause the door and the track to bend and this must be corrected immediately.

Types of Tracks

There are three different types of tracks commonly in use - the standard lift, vertical lift and high lift. Each of them can be used depending on the type of garage door. The standard lift is generally found in residential areas where a vertical track is used and the size of this track is eight inches less than the height of the garage door in question. In this case the garage door panel is positioned horizontally above when it opens. Vertical lifts are common in commercial properties although it is quite similar to a standard lift. The only difference is that it has an extra vertical track that provides lots of space for the door and there is ample room for the spring assembly. High lift are a mix of both standard and vertical lift types and the advantage is the high lift extension of varying lengths that can be used for different door types. High lift and vertical lift garage doors also need different cable drums to operate and a standard lift door can also be converted to a high lift door.


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