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Properties and Amarr Doors for Garages

The exceptional quality of Amarr doors ensues that they can virtually grace any property without losing their performance. Through research and due diligence, it has been possible to develop this list of products that provide security to a range of properties of various sizes. Residential homes and commercial buildings use them in equal measure because of the strength of the brand as well as the technical advantages they offer. These garage doors are definitely affordable and that means you get top value for your money when selecting their products on any given project. Creative designs also give the consumer great options when they want to address the aesthetic requirements of any given property.

Available Products

There is no limit to the different garage door types that Amarr produces. For example steel has become very popular recently because of its superior strength and stylishness. The Classic Carriage collection brings together traditional looks with incredible durability. Of course, the steel doors are also quite practical in terms of maintenance. The Classica collection is true to its name in as much as it suggests some of the great days of this industry with a unique design and tons of modern accessories like electronic openers. You can also try the energy efficient garage door which is quite popular with young consumers given its associations with environmental preservation.


The touches of brilliance like the contemporary flush panels on Amarr garage doors are not only striking but also very low maintenance. All these products are super durable and incorporate the Amarr Safe Guard system which is part of the latest user-friendly technology that the brand is applying. Over 100 authentic-looking options are available in a range of colors and textures. These come with great R-values that can range from 6.64 to 13.35 depending on your requirements. This essentially means that Amarr garage doors are excellent for all types of weather including rain, snow, and even storms. In fact the brand is fully compliant with local building codes and that means there is one thing less to worry about.

Common Problems

Most of the challenges will come with the innovative surfaces which require special cleaning. However, do not neglect the basics including regular lubrication. Dust and mud will reduce the functionality of the doors. No major problems have been reported with the electronic versions but the circuit board can break down from time to time especially after significant use without repairs.

Maintenance Tips

Try to anticipate maintenance problems before they occur. That means setting up a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual program. Replace like-for-like parts even if it means you pay a bit more for quality. Keep the brackets free of additional stresses particularly if the garage door itself is quite heavy.

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