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Learn all about garage door features like the materials in use, brands and level of security in this list of most frequently asked questions.

Does installing an automatic opener system make me less secure?

No, on the contrary, a well-built and properly installed garage door opener system can provide you with more security than ordinary doors. As our specialists in New Jersey point out often, the automatic system functions like a lock because you can't open it manually, unless you have the remote or code, or you override the system.

Can I provide my own parts for repair and installation?

While some clients do provide their own parts for financial reasons, it would be best to choose accessories from the manufacturer as it fits the door best. This eliminates the risk of wasting money by buying products that are incompatible. Also, there's no need to worry as high-quality brands are also budget-friendly.

Should I get torsion or extension springs?

Most of the time, our technicians at Garage Door Repair New Jersey make that choice depending on your current door setup. However, we favor torsion springs over extension springs because they are better at balancing the weight of the garage door, and in general they are quieter, more durable, and inflict less damage if they do break.

Are automatic garage door safe for my kids?

If you have kids or pets at home, you might want to upgrade your garage doors to make them child-proof. While automatic doors are typically safe because they reverse direction when they bump into an object, it is better to have a door with features like pinch protection sections and a tamper-proof system so that even if something breaks, it will not harm your children or pets.

What is the garage door cycle and its importance?

By the garage door cycle, we mean the full opening/closing of the door. A full movement of the door from its initial position back to it! It's vital because repeated use wears garage door parts. Garage door springs last for about 10,000 cycles and our experts suggest having them replaced at that point.

Why do I need garage door handles?

Garage door handles will enable you to open and close the garage door manually with ease. This way, you will avoid having your fingers injured. People don't know how to hold the overhead door in order to bring it down and place their hands on sections or joints. Fingers have been amputated by such actions.

Are fiberglass doors good for my garage?

Many homeowners prefer fiber glass doors because they require lesser maintenance than wood doors. Fiberglass is very lightweight and has a factory pre-stained finish. It is a useful material because it helps control salt air corrosion and translucency. If you want an elegant style for your door, design it with vertical or horizontal raised panels of fiberglass boards.

When do I need to get my overhead garage door checked by a professional?

If there is something that you may be regularly using other than your front door, it must be your overhead garage door. It plays an important part in your home so it must be serviced regularly. Get all the parts examined by an expert to ensure its good functionality. Get in touch with our professionally trained technicians in New Jersey to check it from time to time.

How to find the best garage door opener?

The short answer: consult an expert. The long answer: there are several things that need to be considered. Your garage door's dimensions, as in height, width, and depth for example. The door's material also plays a factor, as it affects the overall weight. These will help you determine the horsepower output you'll require. Another consideration is noise. If there are any living quarters near or above your garage you might want to opt for a quieter opener.

Is a battery-based backup needed for my garage door opener?

Yes, a battery backup feature is necessary for your garage door opener as it allows it to continue working even if the power is out. Its capability to supply power for up to two days makes it a useful tool especially in times of unforeseen, inconvenient outages. It really helps your garage door opener to function well. For more details on how to install this feature, our technicians in New Jersey can help.

What can I do if my pulley gets stuck?

Contact our garage door repair New Jersey experts. They are trained to handle broken or malfunctioning sections of a garage door. Don't attempt to fix it on your own for the pulleys are under high tension. It may cause serious injury.

Why the motor horsepower matters?

The soul of the garage door opener is the motor. It generates power and enables the automatic movement of the door. Though, as our New Jersey experts explain, each door depending on its weight will need a different amount of energy and here comes the necessity to have the right motor horsepower. Average garage doors need ½ horsepower.

Do I get to choose my springs?

We don't choose garage door springs at random. They are chosen very carefully in relation to the garage door's needs. The most important determinant will be its weight and as an overall its dimensions. The height of the door, for example, is very important to the right choice of extension garage door springs.

What's the best way to avoid problems?

Problems pop up when garage door maintenance doesn't take place regularly. With regular inspections and repairs as well as lubrication maintenance and tightening of the hardware, you'll hardly have any problems unless you bump with the car in the door and damage the tracks or other parts. In similar cases, you must fix the damage immediately.

What insulation materials are used? Which is the best?

Polystyrene and polyurethane are the two materials used for garage door insulation. They are both widely used but the former will make the door much thicker. Polyurethane is considered the best solution. It covers the entire internal part of the two panels, gives greater efficiency and the door won't be thicker.

Which is better, the wooden door or the steel one?

Both doors are beneficial and have their own advantages. Wooden doors are typically popular due to its classic and conventional look. Steel doors on the other hand however, are designed to counter and deflect extreme wind pressures in times of hurricane. You can decide which door fits your preference depending on your budget, taste and requirement.

How do I know when the periodic maintenance is?

Service maintenance schedule of garage doors can usually be found on a sticker on the motor or in a notebook with records, if you have one. Periodic maintenance should be followed because it helps keep your garage door in its best working shape and condition.

What is the safest choice for a garage door?

There is no single safest choice for a garage door type, but every kind comes with safety tips that have to be followed religiously. According to our experts, recorded garage door accidents were not because of malfunction, but mostly because of human error or negligence.

How can I tell if my garage door is clean enough?

Visual inspection is usually the best way to tell if your garage door is already clean. However, it is important to check the small and hidden parts as well, such as the tracks and hinges. Overall cleanliness of your garage door is every important to keep it well maintained.


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